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Two Souls’ Limerence For Each Other

Northern Italy photographer for your wedding, elopement, surprise proposal or couples session.

I believe there is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved. Being strongly influenced by human connection, I wish we lived in a world where love is normalised – because it sadly is not. Coming out should not be a sensation anymore. It should be something absolutely normal. Wondering why do I even have to mention that I am an LGBTQ+ / queer / same-sex couples friendly photographer, I really wish I wasn’t asked by another same sex couple in their request if I am ok to work with them just because they are queer. I can’t believe we live in a world where people still have to worry if others accept them for being gay, black, Asian, queer… Why do we still have to seek acceptance for who we are, as long as we are good people?…

Love is Love is Love is Love. That’s all that matters to me. Show it to me and I will capture it for you.

I love the way we complete each other, the way she makes me feel.

She’s extremely strong and fragile, she gives me the strength to keep going on and needs my protection.


Both of us have a really troubled background (…) We are stronger together, we protect each other; yet we challenge each other to dare, be loud and grow out of our comfort zone.


She’s my safe place, my biggest fan. Besides all the ups and downs she’s always been there for me, and I bet my ass she’ll always be there with that big smile of hers.


We are a mess, but it’s our mess


Northern Italy Photographer – Kinga Leftska

You can show off your true colours in Italy too! Drop me a message telling me something about your love story. I will do my best to custom craft your couples session and capture your true selves. I will squeeze out all the rainbows out of you so the whole world can see it and so you can be forever proud if it! You are beautiful. I am waiting for you to show it to me so I can photograph it for you.

When you reduce life to black and white you never see rainbows

Love rainbows. Be rainbows. We all are unicorns.


Valenmess & Gaia

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