Unconventional Pregnancy Photoshoot In Venice

This pregnancy photoshoot in Venice was absolutely out of this world. Photographing the intimacy of Samantha & Noah in the luxury dark red interiors of Palazzo Bauer made me think of Wong Kar-wai’s movie ‘In The Mood for Love’. The movie-like scenes happening right in front of my camera were absolutely magical. I never wanted this maternity session to come to an end. Here’s just a small sneak peek of the indoors part that we shot. Their entire session also included a luxury taxi ride and an outdoors session around the island.


Pregnancy Photoshoot WHILE in VENICE, ITALY

Thinking of scheduling a maternity photoshoot while you’re on your babymoon in Italy? Think no further! It’s a fantastic idea to mix it with your vacation or couples session. If you’re not looking for a cheesy baby bump shoot with your dress floating in the wind (that doesn’t ever blow for real) you have found the right photographer. Let me create something unique and artful for you instead. May this shoot be a bit steamy, slightly untold, hiding a little secret. Let it be very intimate. You set the limits. And you decide which outfit or its lack feels comfortable to you. I can show a little more or a little less of your bodies. Let’s play with light and shadow, bedsheets or bubblebath. I’ll be more than happy to capture the beauty of awaiting without the well known cheesy poses that doesn’t bring anything real.

Steamy couples session

If you’re not expecting a baby you’re more than welcome to schedule a similar couple boudoir photoshoot with me while in Italy. All you need is an interior with a nice play of natural light and shadow. It can be a suite, a bedroom or a bathroom. I’m pretty good at creating some out of this world intimate stuff while only having a window available too. If you’re not sure if your interior will be good just mention it while inquiring an indoors session with me and I’ll see what we can do.

Still not sure if you’re brave enough? Hey, we all look the same in the end. I’ve done that too – no regrets :) I would do it again and again. And remember – you can opt for a full privacy too (it always breaks my heart but I fully respect it:)).

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