Italy vacation photographer for influencers

italy vacation photographer

Stop dreaming about your bucket list. Start living it instead! If traveling to Italy has been your dream for a while and it is finally coming true – do not forget to get it captured. Hiring an Italy based vacation photographer will grant you a return ticket to the moments spent in Venice or elsewhere forever.

Now, get inspired by this dreamy sunrise couples session of Valerie & Alex. These sweet French-Italian lovers are full time travellers and they happened to visit Venice when traveling around Europe with their van. Take a look at these mesmerising summer vibes and imagine this can be you :)

Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone…


Do you remember seeing hundreds and thousands of jaw-dropping photos of people in the social media recently? First of all, they are obviously taken in some stunning locations. Most importantly however, all those people hire the best photographers on the market to achieve that. We are talking about both candid and posed photographs! It is always worth investing in a professional – no matter what field we are talking about. In this case however, we are talking about saving some important memories. Forget the phones. We all know posting tons of travel selfies in the social media is a bit embarrassing nowadays. Plus most of the shots we take with our phones get lost between all the photos of spaghetti, random shop widows and screenshots of our itineraries. Hiring a vacation photographer is an investment that you will not ever regret.


These are countless in Bel Paese! Let me just call the most unique one. Venice. Isn’t it hard to believe all the above photos were taken within one little island? Within a couple hundreds meters to be exact. Yes! Venice is an undoubtable gem in this world. If you happen to visit it soon and you fancy a little vacation photoshoot I will show you around. It means I will take you to all these must-see places you just scrolled above. I will photograph you there so you have a set of influencers like images in which you look like million dollars on top of everything. You’ve got my word.

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