Have you been thinking of starting the new chapter of your lives with an epic adventure? If you crave a day that reflects your relationship and you value experience over glam and glitter than eloping by one of the quiet Venetian canals might be your dream come true. I will be stoked to be your Venice elopement photographer and plan things out for you. May this day be intimate, full of joy and stress free. May it be rad like you.

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens.

Don’t tell anyone. Just come to Venice and elope!


If you opt for a legal elopement ceremony then you will need an officiant and all the paperwork done. Just as if it was a traditional wedding ceremony. If you want to avoid any paperwork though you can go for a symbolic, spiritual elopement. It can be just the two of you exchanging your vows. Otherwise you can have your best friend along with you who can play a role of the celebrant. It is as simple as it sounds! All you need to do is pick a date, get in in touch with me, dress up, get a bunch of flowers from one of the Venetian flower markets and you’re ready to elope in Venice!

the best spots for an elopement on the VENETIAN lagoon

If you opt for a sunrise elopement then there are no limits. You can pick any bridge or tiny square that you like. The exact middle of Piazza San Marco with absolutely no one else around is possible too. Otherwise, you can do it in front of Santa Maria della Salute Basilica. Or even with the rows of sleeping gondolas in the background. What if you are not morning people? I will be happy to find a nice and quite place for your sunset elopement instead.

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