‘People often ask me why do I hire photographers and take so many photos when I travel. The answer is very simple – I want my future grandchildren to look at these photos and say “ohh, how beautiful was our grandma…” Because I love looking at my grandmother’s photos so much’

From Moscow, Russia to Venice, Italy with all the smiles and grace. Classy black and white portraits taken at some of the most beautiful locations in the floating city including Piazza San Marco and Florian Cafe exteriors. Enjoy an elegant sunrise photoshoot in Venice for Svetlana.

Is the pain of getting up early for a photoshoot in Venice worth it?

Planning your session for an early morning gives you all the freedom when it comes to the locations. Right after it gets bright, Venice can be all to yourself. You can lie down in the middle of Piazza San Marco and enjoy the silence that’s only disrupted by the bells and the birds flying above your head. Walking further to Riva Degli Schiavoni you can discover a whole new place. A whole new place comparing to what you might have seen some other day in the afternoon. Sunrise photoshoot in Venice gives you all the magic you deserve. It certainly feels as it you were a part of The Great Beauty movie. By the way, I highly recommend to watch it either before or after your trip to Italy!

Yes, It is worth getting up early morning. it is worth all the pain and all the extra money you might need to spend on a water taxi if you’re staying off the main island. Trust me.



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