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Couples FaceTime Shoot In The Time Of Quarantine – A Never Ending Proclamation to Love

FaceTime photoshoot

Photographs from this shoot were published by Vogue Italia.

‘Pride can never be cancelled. From the moment you wake up in your queer ass body – it’s on. A never ending proclamation to love – the revolutionary kind you give yourself. The spiraling kind you give to others. I’ve been celebrating Pride alongside this women since I made a pact to love. Her Pride looks & grows completely differently from mine. Warmth, honouring family queeroes, radiating smiles, jigglating the body I own, are a few of my cornerstones. Do what you need.’

Derah & Anji

Love is always

The lockdown which many of us are experiencing in 2020 might not be the time of our lives. Even though the quarantine wasn’t in any of our wildest dreams, truth is it gave us something valuable. Those of us who were lucky enough not to catch the virus and work from home gained some precious time to spend with our loved ones. The disease related quarantine isn’t something we want to remember. I believe it’s worth remembering all this extra time we were given to share with our loved ones though.

While meeting others for couples sessions isn’t currently an option, FaceTime photoshoot became a thing. All you need is love and an iPhone plus a photographer on the other side of the screen. You need nothing more than this to create some timeless FaceTime couples portraits. Enjoy one of the most stunning same sex couples I was lucky to photograph few years ago in Venice. This was when one of them popped the question. Now, this already married couple living in Los Angeles CA, trusted me one more time. We made a memorable video call despite 9 hours time difference when I was in a strict lockdown in Italy.

FaceTime Photoshoot How To

When theres is no option to physically meet your photographer during the lockdown this is when video calls help heaps. All you need is an iPhone and a tripod. No tripod? A pile of books will do too. You don’t need any fancy interiors, props or outstanding outfits. All you need is to relax and to have a creative photographer on the other side of the screen. It’s never been more simple.

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