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First off, your work is very special. I’m hooked.’ After the very first sentence of Bea’s elopement / couples shoot inquiry I knew they were special too. I wasn’t wrong. ‘We’ve been together for almost a decade but aren’t really obsessed with the conventional way of things. Our hearts our grounded with one another, we have sailor mouths, treat each other like old mates and are kind of blasphemous when it comes to romance, BUT loads of fun, competitive, blabla… We were thinking it would be fun to experience Venice for the first time together by doing some sort of hodge podge, rowdy, rendezvous wedding-ISH…with couples photographer. It’s a fresh experience for us both‘. -I fell in love with this Hollywood couple from their very first message.

Bea & Brett

Outdoor and animal lovers – camping at least once a month, ocean kayaking often. She’s a wildlife centre volunteer, artist and a celebrity’s assistant. He’s an actor. They both live in LA where they met ten years ago. My excitement for this shoot exceeded all it’s levels. They spent the whole day wandering around Venice, smoking cigars, drinking prosecco and wine, getting changed from casual to sequins head to toe. An unposed experience from start to finish. Being themselves, not pretending anything that they are not. After legally getting married at the Los Angeles courthouse a month earlier, that special photoshoot in Venice was a celebration. It was a mix of wedding traditions with both trashy and artistic vibes in a cinematic mood.

Talking about the cinematic mood – Bea & Brett’s day was also filmed by the most amazing and artistic Venice videographer, Luka. You will find his mind blowing work right under the photos – make sure you watch it. It’s a masterpiece and it’s probably nothing you expect to see from a casual elopement/honeymoon/couples shoot video.

We talk about everything, we share everything, we are each other’s family. Because we both experienced a large dose of trauma in our lives we have a similar outlook on life which I cherish. We are both grounded with strong empathy. Carefree about daily life. We don’t get upset over little things, but are warriors when it comes to the big ones. ‘


‘My Savior’ by Luka Mario Venice Videographer

Starring Bea & Brett

Are you like Bea & Brett?

If you dream of having your laid back but special day in Venice captured too, do not hesitate to drop me a line telling me a bit about you and your dreams. I love the unconventional way of seeing things and every sort of true love. I would love to be your couples photographer in Venice or anywhere else in the world.

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