wedding ceremony at a venetian pallazzo

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These two are my heroes. Who else would wake up at 5am for a sunrise shoot when your wedding party only finished at 4am. Tom and Briana had been to Venice a couple of times before and they knew it was worth all the pain of getting up early. They showed up all ready five minutes early and I couldn’t be happier and more proud of them. At 6am we had the lagoon all to ourselves. It was a perfect finish to their oh how perfect wedding.

Before scrolling down to see the mentioned sunrise wedding session enjoy going through their wedding day first. It started with the getting ready part at one of the most amazing secret palazzos in which the party was held later. The ceremony took place at the famous Palazzo Cavalli City Hall. The party? Oh, it was a dreamy dinner and dancing on the rooftop which started right after the Sun set behind the horizon. It was a dream. A dream that was real. I already can’t wait to capture another one like this!

If you soon have your wedding in Venice too, think of arranging an extra sunrise shoot on the next or the following day. Since the wedding ceremonies usually take place around midday, it’s hard to arrange a shoot in the city right after the ceremony. Not only the light is normally still harsh but also the crowds limit the available locations a lot. It’s almost impossible to shoot around the main landmarks in a day – missing them at all is a pity too! if you have a couple more days in Venice, or at least one more morning, it’s a good idea to schedule the shoot in one of the following mornings. You’ll be also able to relax when it’s all over and there’s no party ahead. This will give you a chance to enjoy the shoot completely. Don’t be afraid of getting up early. Be like Briana and Tom! :))

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