Indoor honeymoon bathtub session

A steamy honeymoon bathtub session was all B. & T. wanted. All they wanted during their stay in Venice right after their romantic wedding in Rome. The intimacy during a honeymoon is another dimension, hence so precious to be remembered. When searching for a photographer in Venice, B & T stumbled across my website. This is when they got inspired by an intimate engagement indoors session I previously did for other lovers. The moment they saw this photoshoot, they knew they wanted one for them too. All we had to do was fixing a date for our honeymoon photo session and finding a hotel room with a bathtub. Here they are. The newlyweds few days after their wedding in Rome in the most intimate couples session you will see to date.

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

you would like an intimate bathtub photo session too but…

But you’re shy… You think your partner says no to this idea. You think your body… Hey! Scroll back to the top and go through this gallery again. Let me point some facts to you. First of all, each couple is different and you will set your intimacy to your own limits. If you don’t feel like jumping in a bathtub completely naked or topless – you can still do it. Just put on your swimwear, lingerie or even your favourite casual t-shirts. We can also use the shower instead and shoot through the steamy glass that will keep it all a little secret. Other than that we can only use the bedroom instead. Or a sofa… The options are limitless! And if you’re not in doubt at all – just give me a shout.

I promise I will make you feel like there’s no one else but you in the world. You will get the most badass photos on our planet. Go back to the top and watch this gallery again. I will I had these exact same photos with my partner (shhhh… ;))

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