Giedre, Zilvinas & Akita pup, Basco

You have never seen a photoshoot in Venice with a dog, have you? Giedre and Zilvinas who travelled by car all the way across Europe from Lithuania took their American Akita, Basco, along with them. I couldn’t resist inviting their pup to join us for the shoot! Basco absolutely nailed it and I was the happiest anniversary photographer in Venice photographing their little family. Ever since this session I’ve been hoping more couples take their dogs on their vacation to Italy so I can photograph all the balls of fur along with them. Hence it’s a dream. A small dream of mine. Just so you know… ;)

Making a photoshoot in Venice a wedding anniversary tradition

Giedre and Zilvinas met at a parking lot almost nine years ago and the rest is a story. They fell in love with each other at the first sight and they have been inseparable ever since. I loved listening to them admitting they are best friends that can’t imagine a day without each other’s company. They asked me to be their photographer on their first wedding anniversary. They tied the knot at the Venetian City Hall exactly one year before we met on that rainy morning. One year after they got married they looked just as happy and glamorous! They came up with an idea of travelling to Venice for their anniversary every single year.

It was a chilly, rainy morning at Piazza San Marco with hardly anyone else around. Even though we were soaked and a bit cold it was so much fun thanks to furry Basco and the positive energy Giedre and Zilvinas share. I couldn’t be more stoked these beauties chose me to be their Venice anniversary photographer! They wanted their shoot to be fashion oriented so here’s a gallery of a bit more posy photos than ever. I love the fact we chose one of the most iconic landmarks in Italy as a backdrop.

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If you’ve been wondering where is the amazing Giedre’s dress inspired by the 80s from – it’s from MAS924 and you should absolutely go check their unique designs.

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