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Couples photographer Venice – early morning stroll with Liz & Juriel

Hanging out with these two lovers on a sunny June morning was a blast. Liz and Juriel made their way from the US to Italy six months after they got married. They decided to get their late honeymoon trip captured in one of the places they travelled to. I couldn’t be more stoked they chose Venice to be the place and me to be their couples photographer!

Here’s a love story of two beautiful, adventurous souls – it starts at 6.30am near Piazza San Marco with this song on.

How does a couples session with me look like?

I need you to know I focus on real feelings and a real connection mainly. Hence, I will make sure to get to know you a little before we get to meet in person. Every couple has its own vibe and there is no need to ever pose or pretend to be someone else. This is your photoshoot and all the photos will be important to YOU. That is why I will do everything to photograph your essence and show you the way you two really are. If you are camera shy – I will take all the time needed to open you up.

Wondering what to wear?

First of all – be YOU. Because no one else is you-er than you! In other words – do not try to copy someone else only because you liked their photos. Second thing – make sure you feel comfy in your clothes during the shoot. This is because there are hundreds of bridges to be crossed and miles of uneven pavements to be walked. Tight mini skirts and high heels causing blisters after the first ten minutes really aren’t the best idea.

I love maxi, flowy dresses that capture the wind. In addition, they add all the extra motion to each picture. Flats allow you to walk fast and run when you feel like to. Hats add an extra touch to the dreamy travel vibe.

Now – the colours. Because colours are more important than you think they might be! Always and forever, match the colours to the backgrounds no matter where you shoot at! The truth is, Venice has the whole palette – with a dirty vintage touch though. However, no matter which colour you are opting for – it should feel rather earthy than flashy.

Last but not the least – you have to match to each other colour and style wise. No, you cannot wear the exact same colour because you will end up looking like a blot in the photos and we definitely don’t want that! :) Just make sure the colours match and it’s a win! :)

If you need more ideas then you can check my PINTEREST boards for inspiration. If you already know the date of your travel but still have no idea what to wear just drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to become your stylist because I love fashion too! :) CONTACT

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