Niklas & Ksenia and their secret Finnish-Russian wedding in Venice – how romantic is that?! Two business students who fell in love with each other years ago at the university. An international love-story being played in the heart of Finland where they both live.

They decided to come all the way down to Italy to get married in Venice – no fireworks, no loud guests, no parties – just the two of them and their love – I still can’t believe I was honored to be their wedding photographer in Venice and be a part of their big day! I couldn’t get any more excited about it and I fell in love with them from the very beginning – oh, do I always say that? Well, all my couples seem so lovely and I love them all – fair enough!:) This bride though… Her dress, her hair, her stunning beauty embraced by the light of the sunrise and her man’s arms.

Guys, thank you for involving me in your wedding and congratulations once again! I would like to wish you a lifetime of happiness:)

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It’s all up to you. If the whole ceremony takes place in Venice – I will capture everything starting before you get to a church or a venue. If you’re only in Venice for a wedding photo session itself, we will spend a couple of hours walking around and capturing your love on the streets. I will photograph your smiles, your kisses, your hugs, your rings, your flowers and ladies! – your beautiful dresses and shoes. Oh, we all know how important these are as well so I will take care of some portraits too! I will make sure your gowns look perfect on each photo – I will be your photographer and your stylist. I will be there to help you feel comfortable, from now on you’ve got my word.

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