Molly & Nick! I don’t even know where to begin… They’re a couple from Wisconsin (That 70’s Show!) but they’ve been working as teachers in Casablanca, Morocco for a while now. They travel a lot and they know how to do it right. They had spent the last two weeks of 2014 traveling around Italy and decided to welcome the New Year in Venice. Being here they couldn’t resist to arrange their engagement photo shoot. I can’t even verbalize how lucky I am they chose me to be their photographer in Venice… We spent over three hours walking and shooting around Dorsoduro area in Venice – even though it had been their first time in front of a camera they did so well dancing, jumping, lifting each other and even pretending to be on the Titanic!:) yes, I will do everything not to make you pose but enjoy yourself!:) Love is sparkling all around them – it was an absolute pleasure for me to capture it!!

Here is a little sneak peek of what a lovely couple Molly & Nick are. One of the images we created is going to be their Save The Date photo as they’re getting married back home in 2016!

Guys, wish you all the best and happy travels in the nearest future <3

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You can follow Molly and Nick’s travel blog here

Engagement Photoshoot – how does it look like and what do you need it for in your life?

Ok now you’re here and you must be here for a reason. You’ve been thinking of getting your photos done in Venice right? With the loved one? Yes! Why?

I bet you’ve seen all the wedding blogs, photos in the magazines, the professional looking shots on social media of your engaged friends smiling and kissing each other with the sun setting behind them in a perfect scenery. It’s called engagement photography, but essentially it’s a just a chance for a professional photographer to capture two people in love who want to share it with the world, or simply remember this period of their relationship forever. More than that, it’s an opportunity for you to work with your photographer for the first time – or in general to work with a professional photographer who you will need later to work with during your wedding. It’s an opportunity for you to see how it looks like and what can you expect – and all you can expect is just fun! Use the beautiful photographs you will get to create the “save-the-date” cards, on your wedding website, announcements and even incorporated into wedding day decor pieces. Contact me for more details!

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