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Chris, Katie and me – their proposal photographer in Venice. Ohhhh- I think my cheeks still hurt a little bit because of all the fun we had after shooting Chris proposing to Katie (I have to mention that it was the fastest proposal I have ever had a chance to photograph – Chris spent more or less half of a second on his knee about ten seconds after getting off a water taxi – epic! I still don’t know how I managed to photograph it pretending I was just a tourist – but I did, shaking as always, and I loved it!!:) )

One of the couples words can’t really describe – they are best friends, they are like one big smile – he seems to be calm, she’s the crazy one. Katie never stops jumping around Chris. Chris never stops looking at Katie. Awwww – I miss them!

Definitely the funniest and the craziest proposal ever. Definitely the best way back to the main island ever – with champagne celebrations on a private water taxi involved – somehow we all made it alive and somehow I was able to see what I was photographing as I kept crying of laughter all the time!

Chris – well done, I am proud of how well everything went and I am happy you made it from Cortina d’Ampezzo to Venice to make your dream come true and to propose to the love of your life! (Now she owes the most beautiful ring in the world by the way, lucky girl!) Thank you for choosing me to be your proposal photographer in Venice – it was a great pleasure to work on it with you. Katie – it was lovely meeting you, I am more than sure you will be the happiest woman ever being with this man:) Guys – couples like you make me the happiest proposal photographer in Venice and in the world! Hope to see you in New York one day!

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Now you are probably wondering how the proposal photo shoot looks like. (I have to add it is absolutely my favorite type of a love-story photography!) After sending me a message we become two partners in this crime – from now on we’ve got a secret. To whomever you’re going to propose – it’s only me and you who will know about this plan. I’ll find for you a perfectly quiet location with a stunning view. I’ll give you all the details, including a map, so we can make sure everything will go perfect – perfect time with the perfect light, perfect spot with a beautiful view and a romantic setting. I’ll give you some hints to make sure you two look beautiful on the photos as well. From now on, all you can worry about is not to forget the engagement ring! I’m sure you won’t so all we can do is waiting for that day and the ‘Yes!’.

After ‘Yes’ and some tears of happiness we will go for a walk. I will photograph the first moments of your engagement when the world around will somehow disappear for you and you won’t be even able to notice any other people. You’ll be living your fairytale and I’ll be capturing it to show you later how happy you two look together!

Contact me to check if I’m still available the day you’d like to propose and I will send you some more details including the packages as soon as I can. I can’t wait to be your proposal photographer in Venice! See you soon;)

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