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‘Please find the attached handsome photo of us’ – wrote Eric right after booking his pre-wedding photo session in Venice. Ever since receiving this e-mail I knew it was gonna be fun with these two – I was right!

We were meant to meet at 6.30 in the morning at a water bus stop. According to the fact that we were on the same train that day- I bumped into them at Santa Lucia train station.

-Hi guys! It’s me!! Your pre-wedding photographer! – I yelled waving to them – Apparently I was way too close to Eric’s face and obviously he didn’t expect me there so he jumped back being rather terrified – priceless!:)) (Eric, I am still very sorry I scared you!;) Nevertheless, they gave me a chocolate bar whilst waiting for a water bus (soooo sweet!) – how did they know I love chocolate?!

Eric & Sylvia from Malaysia – they met while playing badminton, fell in love with each other – then he proposed and brought her to Europe for their pre-wedding honeymoon. ‘Could you give her some unforgettable memories?’ – he wrote in his first e-mail to me. My heart melted – I hope I did what he asked me for!

In short – even though they didn’t sleep the whole night we had a great time and we were all full of energy! I had so much fun with this pair I could hardly hold the camera in my hands. We took photos all around Venice and after that I introduced them to Spritz (yes, Italian style at about 9am;) )and some Venetian food – they loved it!

Guys – it was incredible shooting for you – thank you for all the stories you shared, all the places you advised me to go to and all the laughs we had! I will more than definitely see you soon in Malaysia – I can’t wait!!

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It’s all up to you. If the whole ceremony takes place in Venice – I will capture everything starting before you get to a church or a venue. If you’re only in Venice for a wedding photo session itself, we will spend a couple of hours walking around and capturing your love on the streets. I will photograph your smiles, your kisses, your hugs, your rings, your flowers and ladies! – your beautiful dresses and shoes. Oh, we all know how important these are as well so I will take care of some portraits too! I will make sure your gowns look perfect on each photo – I will be your photographer and your stylist. I will be there to help you feel comfortable, from now on you’ve got my word.

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