The surprise wedding proposal I had a chance to photograph in Venice for Matthew and Cassandra was the shortest photo shoot I’ve ever had so far when it comes to the love-stories. I was only asked to photograph the moment of the proposal itself as unfortunately Matthew and Cassandra were leaving Venice shortly after the got engaged.

Two days prior to the proposal we planned everything with Matthew in secret – the time, the location, the preferable outfits they should both wear etc. Everything was planned and so we had only been waiting for Cassandra’s ‘yes’!

The big day came and while I was pretending I was just a tourist on one of the Venetian islands I finally saw my lovely couple from Malta heading to the spot I chose for them. All of a sudden Matthew decided to propose in a different place though and earlier than the time agreed – making sure I’m also there and ready to shoot earlier though!:) Obviously – everything went perfect and both me and Matthew heard the desired ‘Yes!’.

I have to mention that even though I’ve captured many proposals and worked with many couples before – this one was special. These two seem to be best friends. They laugh constantly and look deep into each other eyes as if the world around them didn’t exist. Cassandra realized there was me photographing them only on the boat back to the main island when Matthew wanted to come over and thank me!:) As you probably understand – absolutely all the shots in this session are candid ones as only Matthew knew I was there:)

Matthew and Cassandra decided to keep the moment of the proposal private but you can still enjoy a couple of other photographs from their session!

Guys, thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to capture your big day and all the emotions and smiles floating around you!

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Now you are probably wondering how the proposal photo shoot looks like. (I have to add it is absolutely my favorite type of a love-story photography!) After sending me a message we become two partners in this crime – from now on we’ve got a secret. To whomever you’re going to propose – it’s only me and you who will know about this plan. I’ll find for you a perfectly quiet location with a stunning view. I’ll give you all the details, including a map, so we can make sure everything will go perfect – perfect time with the perfect light, perfect spot with a beautiful view and a romantic setting. I’ll give you some hints to make sure you two look beautiful on the photos as well. From now on, all you can worry about is not to forget the engagement ring! I’m sure you won’t so all we can do is waiting for that day and the ‘Yes!’.

After ‘Yes’ and some tears of happiness we will go for a walk. I will photograph the first moments of your engagement when the world around will somehow disappear for you and you won’t be even able to notice any other people. You’ll be living your fairytale and I’ll be capturing it to show you later how happy you two look together!

Contact me to check if I’m still available the day you’d like to propose and I will send you some more details including the packages as soon as I can.

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