He made her get up at 6am and told her they were going for a special mass in San Marc’s Basilica. Instead of going for the mass he proposed in the middle of an empty San Marc’s square whilst Venice was still asleep and the Sun only just started rising.

Isn’t a proposal in Venice a perfect idea? Your partner will love it – mind my words!

Adrian had never been to Venice before, hence he put all his trust in my ideas and planning. We both worked on the location that they would both the most and all the other details. What are the details when we talk about planning the big moment with your proposal photographer in Venice? There’s loads! The perfect location, the time of the day, the outfits, the apparent reason why they have to be in the exact spot and on a given time and so on. No – the girl NEVER knows anything. She never even suspects she soon will be planning a wedding – and that’s the part I love the most.


Guys – let me be your partner in this crime. Let me be your photographer in Venice. Let me help you out in the maze of the glistering Venetian waters. She will love it here. You’ve got my word!

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