Consuelo & her family

Florence can’t get any more magical to me than at sunrise. This is the only time in a day when you can have all the magical spots to yourself. Places such as Piazza della Signoria or the surroundings of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral are all empty at down. When Consuelo asked me to be her photographer in Florence I knew that her and her husband would need to wake up their girls early. Luckily, little Valentina & Isabella had absolutely nothing against running around Neptune’s fountain at 6am. Just scroll down and take a look! There were laughs and there were tears that later disappeared thanks to lollipops magically appearing in daddy’s pocket. Then, there were dances in the puddle and there were doughnuts. Lastly, there was love and all the fun of an unposed photoshoot!

The best Places For A Photoshoot In Florence

Florence is a pearl of Renaissance and it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Among my favourite places to shoot there’s definitely Piazza Signoria with its Loggia dei Lanzi. The fountain of Neptun and the open-air sculptures gallery make the square one of my favourite places in Italy. Not to forget the replica of David in all his nakedness proudly stands in the square too! Plus it’s only a few steps walk from the world famous Cathedral.

Am I The Right Florence photographer For You?

If you’ve been searching for a photographer covering Florence and Tuscany you found right. Now, think if the style that you can see in my portfolio fits what you like. If you’re looking for unposed over posed – I am the one. Also, if you want to capture the real you – I am the one. Lastly, if you prefer heavily posed over prompted images – I might not be the one. However, if you want your photos to look like high fashion – then I may be the right one too. I’ll be stoked to hear from you to see what you dream of, regardless. Hopefully we can meet in Florence or in another Tuscan town or village soon! :)

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