Shirley and Alex from Seattle, blissful silence at the sunrise, her stunning Lulus dress, his charm, their smiles… Take a look how beautiful the are in the morning.

wedding photographer Venice Italy
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I was so happy they chose me to be their wedding photographer Venice out of so many Venice photographers!


It’s all up to you. If you’re only in Venice for the wedding photo session itself, we will spend a couple of hours walking around and capturing your love on the streets and in the narrow alleys. I will photograph your smiles, your kisses, your hugs, your rings, your flowers and ladies! – your beautiful dresses and the high heels. Oh, we all know how important these are as well so I will take care of some portraits too! I will make sure your gowns look perfect on each photo – I will be your photographer and your stylist. I will be there to help you feel comfortable, from now on you’ve got my word.

Sunrise or sunset? 

The morning session gives you an incredible experience of walking the empty streets of Venice and watching the lagoon waking up – just you and the floating gondolas, no people, blissful silence and a sunrise you will most likely not going to ever forget. It also gives you a possibility to shoot anywhere you like – from the main spots with rows of gondolas in front of you to the narrowest empty alleys off the beaten path. The photos posted above were taken right after a sunrise. It would be impossible to capture those locations same way in the afternoon.

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