Grand Canal couple photoshoot

Couple session by the glistering waters of Grand Canal

It was a lazy summer evening hence all they wanted was to find a breezy, quiet spot and play their guitar. Walking barefoot on the hot concrete tiles they finally found a perfect sunset-watching location and took the guitar out. She was laying on his laps, listening to him playing just as quiet as quiet the sound of splashing water was. This Grand Canal couple photoshoot was a dream. A dream thanks to these two dreamy lovers.

We were baptised together as infants but we never really got to meet as adults until 2014. The place that reconnected us again was Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia / the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Since the very first seconds it was like knowing each other for many years. We felt so connected to each other. It was mainly thanks to the many passions that we have in common. We both love painting, travelling, photography, art. We’re also excited about starting a van life soon

I love how he hugs me in the morning after we wake up and how he bites his lips whenever he concentrates while painting or tattooing

I love her ability to make all the strangers smile. Also, the fact that she is very open minded and always eager to learn new things

We can’t imagine living without each other. We’re together 24/7 and being separate even for two hours feels like forever to both of us

Dreaming of a couples session too?

If after looking at these you’re now dreaming of a sunset or sunrise Grand Canal couple photoshoot in Venice, just drop me a line. I’ll help you find some magic away from the crowds. If you’re not into the wide waters of Grande Canal, we can hide by the narrower canals or find a cute square with lines of laundry above our heads. The possibilities have no end. Just imagine what you want and picture it to me. I’ll help you create this exact mood and capture it for you. Just like here.

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