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Life is made of fleeting moments. Most of which we are too busy to notice, even though that’s exactly where our human essence is hidden. For Kristina one of these moments was the one when Dmitry popped his heartfelt question. The visual tale happening against the backdrop of the iconic Santa Maria Della Salute Basilica only lasted seconds. This is exactly when my small self, your couples photographer, comes in handy – be it Italy or anywhere else :)

After Kristina’s joyous response, the couple boarded a luxury wooden taxi for a scenic journey across the Grand Canal. Along with Lola the puppy, the trio toured beneath the arched bridges, embracing the mysterious allure of Venice.


If you wish that your special moments are captured by me then here’s your action plan. First, send your booking request via the contact form. Remember to specify the location (Venice or elsewhere?) and dates. Upon confirmation, receive a list of the best places you can choose from. Once the decision is made, get a detailed plan of the moment and we are all set!

I am already excited to capture your special moment!

The Best Italy Destinations for Your Couples And Engagement Session

There’s a countless number of stunning locations you can choose from. The number is almost unlimited if you decide for the special moment to take place at sunrise. Sunsets are slightly limited due to the crowds. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find a beautiful and secluded spot. I can’t wait to hear from you, present the options and start planning the thing!

Are You Dreaming Of A Photoshoot Aboard A Luxury Water Taxi?

Experience a Venetian sunrise or sunset in style with a luxury taxi ride. Glide through enchanting canals while drinking champagne. Let the city’s charm unfold over the narrowest canals. Do I recommend it? Definitely!

I Love That So Many Images Are In Black & White

Pssst… I deliver the entire set of your images both in colour and monochrome which means you get each single photograph in both versions and that’s included in each package!

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